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Barbarian Press

Added on by Andrea Pennoyer.

Crispin and Jan have been supportive, interested and generous. Finally, I drove out to them. It was like drinking from a fire hose. I left with a heavy reading list and overwhelmed with that sickening combination of feeling encouraged and discouraged: - up to pursue a vocation, down about how much I do not know.

Acclimatizing from room to room - Library or the rest of their home? It is, at first sight, indistinguishable. Books from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. What isn't covered with art is covered by a bookcase. We concluded our time in their library as it is where they keep the designed beauties, their entire set of Matrix being one treasure I was particularly excited about. Seeing Martin's tome on Robert Gibbings on their shelf reminded me of our small but strong community. Their collection rivals any institute's and their invitation to come by and simply read just might not be able to wait. Our first priority, though: the press room!

The Shadbolt in their loft studio is a marvel.